About Easy Crypto

Easy Crypto was started by brother and sister Alan and Janine Grainger. They’re a couple of Kiwis who got fed up with how difficult it was to get into the crypto market in New Zealand, so they took on the challenge of creating the easiest solution to buy in the Country.

Fast forward 12 months and Easy Crypto proved to be so popular demand starting coming from across the ditch. This is when Alan and Janine decided to team up with Australian crypto enthusiast Andrew Butler to form Easy Crypto Australia.

Using our experience, we aim to be the fastest and easiest crypto broker for Aussies now and into the future.

Who are we?

Andrew Butler

Andrew is the Managing Director of Easy Crypto Australia and has a strong passion for the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries. He has multiple years’ experience as an online retailing Director and is absolutely driven to bring the advantages of crypto to the mainstream of Australia.

Janine Grainger

Janine is the engine that keeps EC running. She's a whiz with all things financial and legal, and she handles the external side of the business.

She's trained in economics and finance and brings a diverse background that spans consulting, banking, strategy and major events.

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Alan Grainger

Alan is the tech brains behind the site. He's been working in IT since he was a wee tacker of 17 years old! He's been the IT Manager for companies like Sanitarium and L'Oreal, and has 20 years of tech experience behind his belt.

His biggest pet peeve is things not being easy for people, so if you can think of a way we can make things even easier, flick us a message and let him know!

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The goal

We realised that there are huge barriers of entry for people just starting out. There's a lot to learn and to be honest, it can be a bit scary! We wanted to create an easy and safe way for others to get involved.

With Easy Crypto our mission is to make cryptos accessible and understandable for all Australians.

Come with us on the journey, and let's make Australia a driving force in the crypto age.

Easy Crypto wants to make it easy for any Australian to buy into the crypto market - no matter how much they have to invest.

We are a registered Digital Currency Exchange (DCE100581366-001).

We currently sell Ark, Basic Attention Token, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Cardano, Dash, Enjin, EOS, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Genesis Vision, Golem, Horizon State, Icon, IOTA, Komodo, Lisk, Litecoin, Monero, Nano, NavCoin, NEM, NEO, OmiseGo, Ontology, Po.et, Power Ledger, Ravencoin, Request, Siacoin, Steem, Stellar, TRON, VeChain Thor, Verge, Waltonchain, Wanchain, Waves, XRP, Zilliqa, and we're always adding new coins.

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We're open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Security is critical to us.

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  • Your portfolio is encrypted with AES 256-bit CBC.

All prices are in Australian dollar (AUD).

Easy Crypto charges a flat fee of 1%. The rates you see are inclusive of all exchange and withdrawal fees.